Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is an opportunity for you to explore and reflect on who you are and why the challenges you are experiencing affect you in such a detrimental way? Life's challenges are opportunities for individual growth, but when the emotions, such as anger or anxiety, interfere with this process, you may feel "stuck." Through counseling, you will gain insights and will be able to reflect on emotional reactions you experience.  My individual counseling is a confidential and non intrusive process that places you in "the driver's seat" and allows you to proceed at the pace to fit your style of growth and change.

Couples Counseling

Marriage or couples counseling can help couples address any concerns about closeness or harmony in the relationship. Some of the relationships may start feeling stagnated and others may feel like there is nothing to hold the two partners together. Whether it is a small concern or emergence of angry and aggressive behavior, I can help you examine where the relationship is at the moment, gain insights of expectations of each other and discover how to grow your relationship.


E-counseling - I provide online counseling through BetterHelp that manages a secure online portal that allows counseling through web interaction, phone or video sessions or text communication. You can learn more about these services and read my profile and clients' reviews on the site at